Petroleum Products

Reliable, Efficient and Responsible Trading of Oil is at the heart of what we do.

Petro S.A.R. LLP is a premiere trader of oil and petroleum products. Our teams deliver international high standards of service. Our market knowledge, trading experience benefits from leveraging sustainable manufacturers, suppliers and customer relationships.


Base Oil

Group I Base Oils Group II Base Oils Group III Base Oils
SN500 N500 4 Cst
SN150 N600 6 Cst
BS150 N150 8 Cst
SN100 N100 2 Cst
SN300 N250 3 Cst
SN350 N60
SN600 N70
SN650 BS120

Bitumen / Asphalt

Bitumen / Asphalt
Grade 60/70
Grade 80/100

Industrial Wax

Industrial Wax 
Slack Wax
Residue Wax
Paraffin Wax